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February 17, 2017 | Book Tour

I’m so excited to be a part of T. Torrest’s “Something Old, Something New” tour!  We’re celebrating the new look of an old series (Remember When) and looking forward to her new release, Con Man (coming March 24th).  

Below you will find the new covers for Remember When, an introduction to Con Man, along with an excerpt.  There’s also an AMAZING giveaway, so be sure to scroll to the bottom for that!

Something Old!

While I loved the old covers, these new ones designed by Hang Le are beautiful!  If you haven’t read this series, be sure to grab the first one from Amazon right now–it’s free!

Remember When Book 1 by T. Torrest

Remember When Book 2 by T. Torrest

Remember When Book 3 by T. Torrest


Something New

Con Man by T. Torrest
Cover designed by Hang Le
Pre-order will be available March 20 for $0.99 (Price goes up to $2.99 on Release Day, March 24)




Lucas Taggart is the best con man in the business, so to speak.

A former-geek-turned-hottie, Luke is now an image consultant and life coach to the rich and privileged in New York City. His eight-week program is designed to transform ugly ducklings into swans by instilling some much-needed confidence, and hey, a makeover never hurts.

But when Ainsley Carrington signs up as a client, Luke’s world is thrown into a tailspin. Ainsley doesn’t need an image consultant; her image is already perfect just the way it is. Luke immediately finds himself grappling with his attraction to the introverted beauty as all his old insecurities come bubbling back to the surface.

The thing is, Luke doesn’t date his clients. Ever. But fighting his desire for Ainsley is proving more difficult than he ever imagined. Especially since the cocky and arrogant “confidence man” has just completely lost his cool.

***CON MAN is a romantic comedy novel intended for ages 18+ due to some offensive language and graphic sex/sexual situations.***

READ WHEN YOU’RE IN THE MOOD FOR: cocky, funny, sexy, insightful, relatable.

The “Something Old, Something New” tour officially kicked off on Tina’s Facebook page which is also ‘home base’. If you would like to read the CON MAN excerpts in order, start there!  I’m hosting Excerpt #8 here, so read on to dive in and then follow the links on T. Torrest’s Facebook page to read the rest!

Excerpt: Part 8

I wasn’t big on blowing smoke up people’s asses, but part of my program was to offer constant assurance. I always discovered at least one positive attribute that I could reinforce repeatedly, getting them used to the idea of believing it about themselves. It normally took me a little while to come up with an honest compliment, however, because I wasn’t in the habit of lying to my clients. But I hadn’t put any forethought into that “hot” comment; it just sort of slipped out.And it was one hell of an understatement.

And it was one hell of an understatement.

But Ainsley avoided the commentary about her looks, and instead, a smile eked through as she tried to answer casually, “Luke, it’s okay. I know I’m not… you know… fun.”

What does fun have to do with being hot?

I eased back into my chair, absently tapping a fingertip against the linen tablecloth as I took in her words. I knew all too well what it felt like to be socially inhibited. “Well, I can definitely help you there. But Ainsley,” I added cautiously, “I feel it’s only right to be honest with you. My course encompasses a lot more than learning how to be the life of the party. We’ve got some hard work ahead of us, but I’m already thinking you’re gonna be tough enough to handle it.” As skittish as she seemed, I had already picked up an underlying resolve. Determination went a long way, and hers would serve her well.

She extended a genuine smile at me, and I felt my heart lurch. She had a gorgeous smile; lovely, full lips and delicate, straight teeth that would not be needing a bleaching. I mentally crossed the customary Laser-White visit off my Week Four checklist, and attempted to get this meeting back on track.

This was the part where I’d normally launch into my schpiel, but I didn’t want to overwhelm her more than I already had. Sure, all my clients were lacking confidence, but this one was downright petrified. I felt that one wrong move would send her scurrying for the hills.



To celebrate all of this awesomeness, we’re giving away a complete autographed set of ALL SEVEN books by T. Torrest!

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About T. Torrest

Author T. Torrest

T. Torrest is a fiction writer from the U.S. She has written many books, but prays that only a handful of them will ever see the light of day. Her stories are geared toward readers of any age that know how to enjoy a good laugh and a dreamy romance.

Ms. Torrest was a child of the eighties, but has since traded in her Rubik's cube for a laptop and her Catholic school uniform for a comfy pair of yoga pants. She's a pop-culture junkie, a movie aficionado, and an enthusiast of talking about herself in the third person. A lifelong Jersey girl, she currently resides there with her husband and two sons.

She also really digs it when she hears from readers, and is known to use words like "dig" in a non-sarcastic way. You can find out more about her books at her website: www.ttorrest.com



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